Shop for PSPE shirts and promotional items from Lands’ End Business Outfitters

The PSPE logo is available through Lands’ End Business Outfitters to add to variety of items – polos, button downs, pullovers, mugs, etc.
If you have not ordered items previously from Lands End Business Outfitters:
Shop Lands' End Business Outfitters
Shop Lands’ End Business Outfitters
  1. Click on “My Account” in the upper right corner of
  2. Create your account
  3. Click “Manage account”
  4. Click “Logo library”
  5. Associate logo #1658597 with your logo library. (NSPE-PA)
  6. PSPE Customer Number: 5050551
  7. Order away!

Questions? Call Lands End Business Outfitters at 800.338.2000. They are very helpful.




PE License Plates

Show pride in your profession. Order your official PennDOT PE License plate today!
Click here for more details.

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