PSPE is a membership organization of professional engineers and industry partners who provide engineering services in Pennsylvania.. PSPE is an essential organization for professional engineers. We believe professional engineers have the power to transform society for the better.

Our goal is to help our members:

  • Reach their professional goals.
  • Protect the profession’s standards of excellence.
  • Provide resources.

The Pennsylvania Society of Professional Engineers (PSPE) was founded in partnership with the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) as a means of uniting individuals who value and promote engineering licensure, education, and professional development.


Presidents, owners, and consultants of engineering firms make up PSPE. With over 1,000 members, PSPE is a valuable resource.  PSPE provides opportunities for lifelong learning, networking with professionals, and a community of like minded individuals.


Ethics and Accountability. Public health, safety, and welfare above all other considerations.

Qualifications. Professional standards and qualifications across the engineering team

Professional Advancement. Exchange and advancement of knowledge in matters of concern to the profession and to its relations with the outside world

Unity. Diversity and inclusion, ensuring the profession is a reflection of society.


Build knowledge. PSPE is a source for ideas, tools, and resources for the professional engineer.

Enable learning. PSPE’s exceptional learning experiences enable the engineering community to consistently produce superior results.

Create awareness. PSPE fosters scientific awareness and promotes engineering through STEM/STEAM activities.

Engage in advocacy. PSPE’s advocacy and communications efforts protect the PE license and title from devaluation  and result in a positive legislative and regulatory climate for the engineering community.