PSPE 2021 Awards Program

The Pennsylvania Society of Professional Engineers Awards Program recognizes performance and accomplishments of chapters, individuals, projects, and other professional organizations whose efforts have enhanced the integrity of our professional engineering society or the stature of our engineering profession. The various annual awards administered by PSPE are described below.

PSPE Engineer of the Year Award

PSPE awards recognize exceptional engineers. These individuals, through their efforts, are the epitome of the Professional Engineer.

The PSPE Engineer of the Year Award recognizes an outstanding, distinguished engineer not necessarily only for their work for, or in, PSPE, but for their overall activities and achievements. Occupational and professional achievements, civic, political, and engineering affairs, and education represent the primary selection criteria for the Engineer of the Year award.

Engineer of the Year Application Requirements | Engineer of the Year Application Form

PSPE Young Engineer of the Year Award

The Young Engineer of the Year award recognizes an outstanding engineer no older than 35 as of January 1, 2021. The evaluation criteria include collegiate achievements, professional and technical society activities, engineering experience, publications/patents, major engineering project achievements, and additional activities, such as civic, fraternal, or humanitarian endeavors.

Young Engineer of the Year Application Requirements | Young Engineer of the Year Application Form

Application Deadline July 7, 2021.

*Winners at the state level may be nominated for the national NSPE Awards.

Chapter Membership Growth Award

The Chapter Membership Growth Award is presented to the Chapter having the largest percent increase in membership for a given year. The measure of growth will be based upon the percentage of increase in membership for the period of one year, from May 31 of the previous year to June 1 of the current year.

Chapter Outstanding Program Award

This Award is presented to the Chapter whose overall programs during the year judged to be the most informative and which achieve in content the professional and timely objectives of the Society. Attention is given to special programs which promote significant membership participation together with those programs which attain a high degree of publicity for the Society. By July 7, 2021, a Chapter may forward to the PSPE Awards Chair a listing of programs presented during the current year.

Chapter Communications Award

This Chapter Award is presented to the Chapter whose communication with its membership improved significantly and attendance at Chapter functions increased measurably during the past year. Examples of improved communication may include such things as development of a Chapter newsletter (mailed or virtual) or a Chapter telephone committee that truly contacts each member with news, upcoming events, and promote Chapter activities. A Chapter should submit examples of improved communications, along with documentation that the measures taken significantly increased awareness of programs, improved meeting attendance and enhanced Chapter communications.

Chapter Special Projects Award

The Chapter Special Projects Award is presented to the chapter which, on its own initiative, has given special attention to a specific project of accomplishment in the interest of promoting the engineering profession, for example: special forum on educating the public on pollution, special high level Engineers Week program, or special professional seminars or panel discussions. Any chapter can submit a resume of the special project undertaken to be considered for this award.

All awards described above may be nominated through each PSPE chapter awards committee or President. Chapter awards nominations included in the State Awards Program Handbook available through PSPE, are due to the PSPE Awards Committee by July 7, 2021. Nominations should be submitted to PSPE Headquarters, 908 N. Second Street, Harrisburg, PA 17102 via email

Questions can be directed to David K. Williams, PE, PSPE Awards Committee Chair, at cell phone (412) 855-4540, or e-mail.