Individuals and businesses need Professional Engineers every day for a wide range of projects. We are pleased that companies and firms now have the opportunity to become a visible part of PSPE by joining as Sustaining Associates.

When your firm gains the status of PSPE Sustaining Associate, you can place unlimited classified ads on (The PSPE employment page is easily accessible to all engineers seeking a position.)

The rate to become a PSPE Sustaining Associate is $400 annually.

Individuals, organizations, and other legal entities who are otherwise not eligible for membership in the Society and who are interested in furthering the Society’s objectives may become Sustaining Associates of the Society.

Click here to download a copy of the PSPE Sustaining Associate application »

Once your firm is recognized as a member, simply e-mail the text of your classified ad to and specify whether you would like it posted online, printed in the next PE Reporter, or both.

Be visible on the PSPE Web Site as a Sustaining Associate member

  • PSPE Sustaining Associates receive a listing on PSPE’s front page. Your firm’s contact information, including a link to the web site and an e-mail address, will be easily visible.
  • PSPE Sustaining Associates will be able to keep up to date on what’s happening with the Society by receiving PSPE mailings including the society’s publications.

Questions? Call (717) 441-6051 or send a message to