Licensure for Accountants and Security Guards but Not Engineers?

joinnowNSPE, with its state societies and local chapters, is the ONLY organization with the purpose of defining, promoting, and protecting YOUR Professional Engineer’s license.
“Through membership and active participation in NSPE, the individual engineer renders his contribution toward making engineering a better and more satisfying profession than he found it.” David Steinman, P.E.
joinnowThe profession of Engineering comes with great rewards, but also with great responsibility. As such, Licensed Engineers are obligated to actively insure that the public is protected from unqualified and unethical practitioners. It was in this light that the National Society of Professional Engineers was founded. To this end, all Engineers need to both advance their knowledge base through involvement in technical societies, and just as importantly, protect the profession and in turn the public, through active participation in NSPE. We all have an obligation toward “making engineering a better and more satisfying profession than we found it.”
joinnowNSPE/PSPE is the only professional organization that completely organizes and runs a nationwide competition for future potential engineers (MATHCOUNTS). Through student chapters, scholarships and science fairs, PSPE is devoted to the future of the engineering profession.
joinnowNSPE works on behalf of all Engineers to create resources integral to our businesses (EJCDC contract documents for construction, consulting services, etc.)
joinnowNSPE membership gives engineers the tools and services they need to be better informed and better connected within their professional community.
joinnowDiscounted, peer reviewed continuing ed through PSPE’s partnership with RedVector, the PSPE Conference and PDH Boot Camps gives engineers confidence that we are a reliable and valuable resource.
Members of the Pennsylvania Society of Professional Engineers stand for:
Protecting the License
Standards for Professional Conduct
Stand With Us.