Click here to enter PSPE Online University, the leader in online continuing education and workforce training solutions for the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry, recently expanded its online course library to include 12 new courses focusing on the International Building Code (IBC). The International Building Code & More course series delivers 20 hours of interactive content developed to help design and construction professionals understand and apply the critical concepts outlined in the IBC.

“We are excited to release such a highly relevant and sought-after series for our clients,” said Matt Casey, PhD, Vice President of Content for RedVector. “Many of the International Codes, or I-Codes, developed by the International Code Council are used throughout the U.S. and internationally, so the content is critical. The interior-related code publications are the focus for this series, and like all RedVector courses they can be accessed by most mobile devices and include our portable ‘Smart Notes’ summary feature.”The International Building Code & More course series includes:

  • International Building Code & More – Finish and Furniture Selection (RV-10408) 
  • International Building Code & More – Plumbing and Mechanical Requirements (RV-10406) 
  • International Building Code & More: About the Codes (RV-10400)
  • International Building Code & More: Code Officials and Code Processes (RV-10409) 
  • International Building Code & More: Construction Types and Building Sizes (RV-10402) 
  • International Building Code & More: Electrical and Communication Requirements (RV-10407) 
  • International Building Code & More: Family Residences, Existing Structures and Historic Buildings (RV-10461)
  • International Building Code & More: Fire and Smoke Resistant Assemblies (RV-10404) 
  • International Building Code & More: Fire Protection Systems (RV-10405)
  • International Building Code & More: Means of Egress (RV-10403)
  • International Building Code & More: Occupancy Classifications and Loads (RV-10401) 
  • International Building Code & More: Sustainability and Accessibility (RV-10460) 

RedVector’s new IBC course series features interactive and engaging content written by top subject matter experts to deliver the practical knowledge needed to design and construct safe buildings and building interiors. The courses in the International Building Code & More Series are accredited for continuing education and will be accepted as CE credit by most state licensing boards and professional organizations. In addition, all of the courses in the series are accessible 24/7 via computer, smartphone or tablet.

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