Engineers are in a position to affect public safety and welfare every minute of every day. They touch every aspect of critical infrastructure – bridges, power, medicine, food, drinking water, airplanes and so much more that it cannot possibly be listed here. In order to be licensed, an engineering graduate must first meet rigorous educational requirements, and then meet ongoing education and training requirements. In addition, engineers licensed in Pennsylvania  are held to high ethical standards by law. However, did you know that most engineers aren’t even licensed to practice? While there are several reasons why licensure isn’t always required of engineers, the most common by far is the “industrial exemption.” Industry is not required to use licensed engineers for engineering work related to products, even if those products directly affect the public’s safety. PSPE is taking the lead on changing that.

House Bill 1253 removes the industrial exemption, changes “Engineer in Training” to “Engineer Intern”, clarifies continuing education delivered via distance learning, and repeals the 30 day exemption for engineers working in Pennsylvania but licensed in another state.

All changes proposed in House Bill 1253 are intended to modernize the act and enhance public safety. PSPE supports this legislation and encourages licensees to urge their state Representatives and Senators to support the bill. Click here to send a letter to your legislators.