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“Having a firm that fully embraces an ownership culture creates unparalleled organizational alignment to realize our core mission and vision,”
states Michael S. Rader, PE, CEM, President & CEO of Barton Associates, Inc.

We Make Buildings Work!
With more than 50 years of design excellence, Barton Associates provides quality MEP engineering and lighting design solutions across the Mid-Atlantic region. We’re proud to be 100% employee-owned and continue our strong tradition of providing highly quality service and technical expertise to new and returning clients. As employee-owners everyone is committed as a stakeholder and strives to continue our mission of Making Buildings Work.

Experience You Can Trust
With over half a century of experience, Barton Associates is a trusted leader in providing innovative, cost-effective, and sustainable design solutions for every client. Our firm specializes in education and healthcare markets and serves other markets such as senior living, corporate/workplace, cultural, libraries, municipal and sports & recreation.

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Our team of 70+ employees is very dedicated, with 36% of the staff having over ten years of service and 17% over 20 years of service, with our longest-tenured employee currently at 43 years with our team. We continue to grow as we have added six new team members since the start of the pandemic.

Proud to Be A Sustaining Associate
After sponsoring an event in 2016, “Building Bridges”, Barton Associates became a PSPE Sustaining Associate starting in 2017. Later, we used that idea to promote a companywide Bridge Building competition using less than 500 popsicle sticks. The winning Bridge held to a remarkable 667 pounds.

Barton Associates has leveraged the resources shared through the Pennsylvania Society of Professional Engineers website. Partnering with PSPE supports our company’s technical growth and provides a platform for reaching great talent as we continue to grow our team.

Expanding Our Team in North Carolina
Barton Associates has three offices strategically located across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania: York, State College, and Pittsburgh. We now look to expand our reach even further as we actively seek to grow our presence in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina.

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