The National Society of Professional Engineers proudly names Timothy S. Ormiston, P.E., as a Fellow member.

The NSPE Fellow membership was established in the year 2000 to honor those active Society members who have demonstrated exemplary service to their profession, their society and their community.  Since its creation, slightly more than one percent of all NSPE members have advanced to this highest volunteer membership rank.

Since joining NSPE in 1985, Tim has served not only NSPE but also his state and local society with the utmost dedication, devotion and commitment, and through this Fellow membership he is also recognized by the Pennsylvania Society of Professional Engineers for his many contributions and achievements.

Tim truly epitomizes the highest ideals upon which the NSPE Fellow program was established – a strong record of unselfish service to his state and national society, a tireless commitment to excellence, and an enduring devotion to his profession. For these and his many notable accomplishments, Timothy S. Ormiston has been selected by the National Society of Professional Engineers to carry the honored title of Fellow and to proudly place behind his name the designation “P.E., F.NSPE.

Tim joins a distinguished group of Pennsylvania Fellows:

John R. Ackerman PE, FNSPE, DEE, PG

Edward P. Becker PE, FNSPE

Leonard K. Bernstein PE, FNSPE

Joseph F. Boward PE, FNSPE

William J. Bryan PE, FNSPE

Elizabeth A. Catania PE, FNSPE

Jon W. Drosendahl PE, FNSPE

John W. Fisher PE, FNSPE

Harry E. Garman PE, FNSPE, PLS

Ernest U. Gingrich PE, FNSPE, PLS

Harvey D. Hnatiuk PE, FNSPE

Barry E. Isett PE, FNSPE, PLS

John E. Kampmeyer Sr. PE, FNSPE

Donald A. Lazarchik PE, FNSPE, FASCE

Thomas M. Maheady PE, FNSPE

David L. McCullough PE, FNSPE

Walter K. Morris PE, FNSPE

John A. Nawn PE, FNSPE, PTOE

Timothy S. Ormiston PE, FNSPE

Walter J. Poplawski PE, FNSPE

Michel J. Sadaka PE, FNSPE

Donald D. Smith PE, FNSPE

Susan K. Sprague PE, FNSPE

Peter O. Staffeld PE, FNSPE, PhD

Francis J. Stanton Jr. PE, FNSPE

Craig L. Weaver PE, FNSPE

John G. Woods PE, FNSPE

Donn R. Zang PE, FNSPE