On behalf of the 2023-24 PSPE Nominating Committee, I offer the following report. The committee discussed the nominated slate of officers for the 2023-24 PSPE year.



Participating in the conversations through the process were:


  • Northeast Region: Brian Palmiter, PE (Keystone NE Chapter)
  • Central Region: Ken McGinnis, PE (Lincoln Chapter)
  • Western Region: Brian Krul, PE (Pittsburgh Chapter)
  • Southeast Region: Tony Dougherty, PE (Valley Forge Chapter)


The Committee reviewed the nominations and noted that there was only one nomination received for each of the open positions. The following slate was put forth and unanimously approved by the Committee members.


Office                                                              Nominee

President Elect                                                  David K. Williams, PE (Beaver County Chapter)

Secretary                                                             Frank Falzone, PE (Valley Forge Chapter)

Treasurer                                                             Tom Friese, PE (Philadelphia Chapter)


Vice President Northeast Region                   Daniel P. Cook, PE (Anthracite Chapter)

Vice President Central Region                        James DiLouie, PE (Lincoln Chapter)

Vice President Southeast Region                    Fredric Plotnick, PhD, Esq, PE, PLS (Philadelphia Chapter)

Vice President Western Region                      Brian A. Krul, PE, PTOE (Pittsburgh Chapter)


Nicole C. Wilson, PE (Bucks County Chapter), will become President according to the PSPE Constitution and Bylaws.


Members interested in running for office may petition to be on the election ballot.


Nominations by petition signed by at least 25 eligible members must be delivered to the Secretary, including a picture and biography of the candidate, on or before June 14, 2023.


A copy of the petition and accompanying material shall be concurrently delivered to the Chair of the Nominating Committee.



Jennifer Nolan-Kremm, PE

PSPE Nominating Committee Chair