March 26 – 27, 2010
Sheraton Harrisburg – Hershey

Congratulations to the individuals and teams participating in the 2010 Pennsylvania MATHCOUNTS competition.

Winchester Thurston wins Pennsylvania MATHCOUNTS state competition!
The Pennsylvania Society of Professional Engineers hosted an advanced mathematics competition on March 27, 2010. 161 students from 72 schools tested themselves in an advanced mathematics competition.
The top 4 individual students (*) will advance as the Pennsylvania team to compete at the National MATHCOUNTS level, May 6 – 9, in Orlando FL.
The first place team coach, Heather Crowley, will act as coach.

1st Place Team – Winchester Thurston School (Pittsburgh)
Sonu Bae
Daniel Balter
Cameron Barge
Tristan Hull
Coached by Heather Crowley*

2nd Place Team – Charles F. Patton Middle School (West Chester)
Ari Bleemer
Edward Jing
Shashwat Kishore
Mark Melvin
Coached by  Mary Jo Knauer

3rd Place Team – Sandy Run Middle School (Dresher)
Michael Deng
Jerry Li
Alan Yang
David Zeng
Coached by  Patricia Callaghan

4th Place Team – Park Forest Middle School (State College)
Sajal Datta
Sicong Shen
Alicia Lai
Fredrick Zheng
Coached by Lauren Bonsall & Rebekah Sjoberg

5th Place Team – Cranberry Area Home School (Cranberry Township)
Cameron Arnold
Calvin Beideman
Josiah DeGraaf
Nathan Spear
Coached by John DeGraaf

Individual Countdown Round
Final Standings

* Shashwat Kishore – Charles F. Patton Middle School
Coached by Mary Jo Knauer

* Joe Lin – Mt. Nittany Middle School
Coached by Lisa Turner

* Jason Schuchardt – Sewickley Academy
Coached by Tom Perdziola

* Phoebe Cai – Radnor Middle School
Coached by Dave McGrath

Crystal Wang – Valley Forge Middle School
Coached by Allison Long

Sicong Shen – Park Forest Middle School
Coached by Rebekah Sjoberg

Matthew Weidner – Brandywine Heights Middle School
Coached by Benjamin Tannous

Jacob Wachspress – William Penn Middle School
Coached by Janice Gibson

Calvin Beideman – Cranberry Area Home School
Coached by John DeGraaf

Danny Balter – Winchester Thurston School
Coached by Heather Crowley

Students were tested for both accuracy and speed on questions like the following:
Sprint Round (no calculator; 30 problems in 40 minutes; students work alone)
Problem: A rectangular tile measures 3 inches by 4 inches. What is the fewest number of these tiles that are needed to completely cover a rectangular region that is 2 feet by 5 feet?
Answer: 120 tiles
Target Round (calculator permitted; 6 minutes for each of 4 pairs of problems; students work alone)
Problem: What is the greatest whole number that must be a factor of the sum of any four consecutive positive odd numbers?
Answer: 8
Team Round (calculator permitted; 10 problems in 20 minutes; students work with three other team members)
Problem: A four-digit perfect square integer is created by placing two positive two-digit perfect square integers next to each other. What is the four-digit square integer?
Answer: 1681
Countdown Round (no calculator; head-to-head challenge between two students; first-to-answer; no more than 45 seconds permitted)
Problem: When Bob exercises, he does jumping jacks for 5 minutes and then walks the track at 4 minutes per lap. If he exercised for 73 minutes on Monday, how many laps did he walk?
Answer: 17 laps
Congratulations on a job well done.