Recognizing that the service to humanity, to the Nation and to the State is a fundamental purpose of Professional Engineering, the Pa/PEPP Division does hereby dedicate itself to the promotion and the protection of the profession of Engineering as a social and economic influence vital to the welfare of the Community and of all mankind.

The Pa/PEPP Division shall act as a forum for discussion of such problems which are peculiar to Engineers engaged in Private Practice and shall aid its membership in the furtherance of good relations with other Engineers, other Professionals and the public and shall develop a professional attitude among all Engineers.

The Pa/PEPP Division shall aid in the updating of the professional development of its membership by sponsoring competitions, seminars, awards and similar events.

The Pa/PEPP Division shall endeavor in all of its deliberations to attain the objective of the parent NSPE/PEPP organization for maintaining high standards and ethical conduct, encouragement of registration of qualified Engineers, supporting legislation which best serves the public and encouraging participation in Community and civic affairs.