Eric W. Tappert, PE
Let the Celebration Begin!

Engineers Week 2015
February 22-28, 2015

Governor Wolf has proclaimedproclaimed the week of February 22nd to 28th as Engineers Week in the Commonwealth, joining the rest of the country in a celebration of engineering. The theme for this year’s celebration is “Engineering New Horizons.” Engineers, who apply their special knowledge of science and mathematics to the solution of real world problems, have been blazing new horizons for centuries. From the elimination of disease by providing safe water and sanitation systems, to the banishment of darkness with electrical power, to advanced communications systems that tie the entire world together instantaneously, to transportation systems utilizing automobiles, trains, ships, and even planes up in the wild blue yonder, to the production of all kinds of useful fertilizers and agricultural machines to enhance food production, and a myriad of other farfetched advances that better the existence of humanity. Far flung adventures have taken us to the edge of the solar system, gazed deeply into the very beginnings of our universe, and even put men on the moon for a stroll and an impromptu golf shot. Our achievements surely call for an elaborate celebration.
A glance at the past might just lead one to conclude that all is done. But all is not done, as exemplified by this year’s theme. There are countless new horizons to be conquered, new inventions to produce, new infrastructure to build, and new worlds to explore. The world is incredible in its infinite scope, yet beautiful in its infinitesimal detail and much of it still needs to be explored, understood, and creatively used to improve the lot of us all.
So we take a week to celebrate with banquets around the Commonwealth, seminars, special displays, and other activities that honor the engineers that do so much to improve our lives. At the national level days are designated for programs to Introduce Girls to Engineering on February 26th, DiscoverE Engineering Family Day on February 28th at the National Building Museum in Washington DC, and the Future City Competition National Finals on February 17th.
Here in Pennsylvania there are numerous banquets honoring engineers with awards with titles of “Engineer of the Year” and “Young Engineer of the Year” in addition to honoring top engineering educators and engineering projects. Often these ceremonies are accompanied by some continuing education; always necessary to keep up with the advances in science and technology. February also boasts of the time for MathCounts competitions that are held around the state. MathCounts is a mathematics competition for middle school students and the local competitions had over 1200 students competing. Winners at the local level advance to the state completion next month, with the state winners having a super bowl of a competition at the national level, this year on May 8th in Boston, MA.
So take a week to look at engineering achievements, encourage students, and celebrate the honorable profession. Become an active part of the celebration by attending some of the multitude of events that are planned. Enjoy Engineers Week, for come Monday you will be back at work changing the world for the better; after all there are new horizons to conquer.
Eric W. Tappert, P.E.
President, PSPE