Timothy S. Ormiston PE
Timothy S. Ormiston PE

Stand With Us!

Timothy S. Ormiston, PE
PSPE President 2015-16
If you attended the PSPE 2015 Awards and Installation Banquet you would have heard me deliver the message of what PSPE stands for:
Protecting the License
Standards for Professional Conduct
I was reminded in recent conversations with non-engineer colleagues that even those people who live and work with engineers 1) have little understanding of the term licensed professional engineer and 2) have no knowledge of PSPE/NSPE. Those are both sad and disturbing realizations.
It is imperative that we, the members of PSPE/NSPE, communicate the merits of a PE and what benefits the PE delivers to business and community. Our chapter organizations are most suited to reach the broad population across the state. Chapter newsletters, regular activity meetings and local special events are the best way for our society to engage member and non-member engineers. Support your profession, support your Society; engage others in this conversation!
Protect the License
The mission of PSPE is to promote and defend the interests of Pennsylvania’s licensed engineers.  Not only our members, but ALL licensed engineers in Pennsylvania. Without licensure, public safety and the livelihood of a vast number of engineers are severely degraded.  No single or group entity will fight for the engineer’s license the way PSPE/NSPE does.
Recently, NSPE and the Indiana Society of Professional Engineers (ISPE) intervened to help rescind a recommendation of the Indiana Job Creation Commission to eliminate licensure of engineers in the state.  A similar body, the Regulatory Reform Commission, was recently formed in Maryland to investigate regulation of Business Occupations and Licensing along with other sectors.  The NSPE government relations office is now tracking this activity.  In Pennsylvania, PSPE is still engaged in monitoring the climate of changing the Industrial Exemption in the licensure law.
These are just three current examples of the need to protect the license in order to protect the engineer and the community.  You can find more details of how PSPE and NSPE are protecting the license at www.pspe.org/legislative-activity/ and www.nspe.org/resources/issues-and-advocacy/latest-news/.
I encourage all licensed engineers across Pennsylvania to Stand with PSPE to protect the engineer’s license.  The Society needs more talent, more faces, more voices to join PSPE Executive Director John Wanner, PSPE Legislative Committee Chair John Nawn, P.E. and NSPE Government Relations Senior Manager Arielle Eiser in their effort to find, investigate and take action against attacks to engineer licensure.
Stand With Us!