Summary of Legislation | December 2018

House and Senate Leaders Announce Committee Chairs for 2019-20 Session On January 2, 2019, Speaker of the House Mike Turzai (R-Allegheny County) announced the appointments of majority committee chairmen for the 2019-20 Legislative Session. House committees study each bill and determine which proposals will go to the full House. They conduct public hearings on key […]

Summary of Legislation | November 2018

House and Senate Republicans, Democrats Leadership Teams for 2019/20 The House held leadership elections November 13 for the new legislative session starting in January. House Republicans re-elected Mike Turzai (R-Allegheny), as their choice for Speaker when the House members are sworn in again on January 1. Bryan Cutler (R-Lancaster), who previously served as Whip, was […]

Summary of Legislation | October 2018

No Final Action on HB 1106 The clock has run out on the 2017-18 legislative session, without Senate action on HB 1106, the updates to the Registration law. The House and Senate will convene for perhaps one day each in November, for what is traditionally non-voting sessions, other than to elect temporary leaders to preside […]

Summary of Legislation | September 2018

No Action on HB 1106: PSPE Members Asked to Contact the Senate The state Senate was in session for two weeks after the long summer break, and unfortunately did not take action to move forward the much needed amendments to the Registration Act. Although PSLS and PSPE have reached agreement with all of the groups […]

Summary of Legislation | August 2018

Legislation Offered to Exempt School Construction from School Co-op Purchasing Program Legislation has been offered to modify a little know group buying program that school districts have used in hopes of saving money.   According to some reports, these purchasing agreements have resulted in savings for schools, but not in all cases.  There have been a […]

Summary of Legislation | July 2018

Capitol Quiet During Summer Recess, Still Issues to Arise in Fall The state capitol has been relatively quiet this past month, as the House and Senate have gone home for the post-budget recess. As the update below reflects, there has been little legislative activity, even at the committee level, this past month. The lull is […]

Summary of Legislation | June 2018

Summer Arrives Early in Harrisburg – Budget Passed a Week Before Deadline In Harrisburg, the General Assembly showed an unusual about of unanimity this year, by passing the FY 2018-19 budget package not only on time, but 8 days EARLY. On June 20, the House passed HB 2121  by a (188-10) vote, and the Senate […]

Summary of Legislation | May 2018

Surprises Accompany Expected Results in May Primary Elections In another primary election marked by depressingly low turnouts in most areas of the state, incumbents at all levels of state government were dealt crushing defeats, while simultaneously held special elections to fill vacant seats served as precursors to fall campaigns on May 15. State Sen. Scott […]

Summary of Legislation | April 2018

Time to Make the Push for Updates to the Registration Act Due to a Commonwealth Court ruling, Pennsylvania’s licensing law for professional engineers and land surveyors now has a severely narrowed scope of practice.  The case, Davy Resource Group v. State Registration Board for Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors and Geologists, dealt with the location of […]