Summary of Legislation | December 2017

School Construction Study Committee Coming Down the Homestretch For more than a year, a legislatively created committee has been examining the state’s school construction reimbursement program, known as PLANCON, in order to make recommendations regarding not just how the program could be changed, but whether or not there is a program at all. The committee […]

Summary of Legislation | November 2017

  Home Inspectors Licensing Bill Passes House For several years, there has been an effort in Pennsylvania to license home inspectors in the same way other professions are (i.e. establishing a licensing board, gaining experience, passing an examination, etc…).  During each of the last 3 legislative sessions, PSPE has actively provided written testimony on the […]

Summary of Legislation | October 2017

Wolf Signs Code Bills, Looks Ahead to Next Budget Cycle Just shy of four months after passing a FY 2017-18 spending plan, the House and Senate came together this month and finally garnered the votes on a series of bills that lay out the means to pay for the spending. After several fits and starts […]

Summary of Legislation | September 2017

Wolf Considers Options as House and Senate Still at Odds Over Funding Mechanisms September came and went, with no resolution to the on-going budget stalemate that has prevented an end to the struggle to fund the 2017-18 spending package passed in June. Gov. Tom Wolf announced that he had grown tired of what he characterized […]

Summary of Legislation | August 2017

 IRRC Approves Board Fee Reg The Independent Regulatory Review Commission (IRRC) met on August 24 to consider several regulations. Chairman George Bedwick and Commissioners Russell Faber, Murray Ufberg, and Dennis Watson were in attendance. Commissioner John Mizner participated via conference call. One regulation of interest to Registration Board licensees was State Registration Board for Professional […]

Summary of Legislation | July 2017

Senate Passes Series of “Code” Bills Needed to Fund FY 2017-18 Budget, After House Effort Fails The Senate resumed session on July 26 and 27. They addressed five budget implementation and revenue raising code bills, which direct and fund how the spending law passed in June will be driven out. Here is a breakdown of […]

Summary of Legislation | June 2017

House Passes Registration Law Update Bill The state House advanced HB 1106, Rep. Joe Emrick’s legislation to update definitions of the practices engineering and land surveying, in the PA registration law. This bill addresses issues raised in the “DRG” case, in which Commonwealth court sided with an out of state company determining that its activities […]

Summary of Legislation | May 2017

  Senate Environmental Resources and Energy Committee Approves McDonnell Nomination; Full Senate Concurs The Senate Environmental Resources and Energy Committee met May 9 to consider the nomination of Patrick McDonnell to be secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection. Below are some highlights of the hearing. McDonnell made opening remarks thanking the committee for allowing […]

Summary of Legislation | April 2017

House Passes “First Step” Budget Bill The state House took the first big step toward an on-time budget for fiscal year 2017-18 by amending and passing HB 218, which is expected to be this year’s vehicle bill for the final budget agreement. As usual, the bill passed largely on partisan lines, with Democrats voting no. […]

Summary of Legislation | March 2017

Registration Board Moving Toward Full Complement In recent months, the State Registration Board for Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors and Geologists has been working shorthanded. The Board is comprised of 13 members (5 PEs, 2 PLS, 2 PGs, 3 public members and the Commissioner of the Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs). Terms are for 6 […]