Eric Tappert, PE
PSPE Communications Committee Chair

As part of the PSPE Communication Committee effort to encourage folks to pass around the PE Reporter, we are adding a cute little character to indicate the most likely articles that might be of interest to readers that are not regular aficionados of our premier publication. We are naming this little guy/gal pO, short for “Pass It On”, substituting the Greek letter for the first two letters to make it look more “engineering like.”

The problem is that we don’t have a nice logo for this character, so in the true tradition of engineering creativity, we’re running a design contest for the logo. The final form will be a .jpg file, but submissions can be in any form readily convertible to that format. So, make a sketch, fire up the CAD system, or even use your 3-D printer and submit your idea of what this little character might look like. Remember, though, the purpose is to encourage folks to pass the information on to others. A prize for the winning entry will be given at our Board of Directors Meeting in June. Entries are due by April 1, 2014.

Meanwhile, remember to submit articles and/or comments to the PE Reporter, your source of all news relevant to PSPE members and friends.