Call for 2022-2023 State Officer Candidate Nominations

The PSPE Nominating Committee is searching for state officer candidates for the 2022-23 term.  Here is your opportunity to get involved and help shape the future of PSPE!

Nominations are now being accepted for the following  positions:

  • President-Elect
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Southeast Region Vice President
  • Northeast Region Vice President
  • Western Region Vice President
  • Central Region Vice President

A list of incumbents is available here. The elected officers will be installed in September 2022 (date, location, and format to be determined).

Instructions |  PSPE members may nominate multiple qualified candidates for each position. There is no limit to the number of candidates you may nominate for each open position.

  1. Members submit nominations using the brief Nominations Grid (see below).
  2. Contact each nominee and confirm their willingness to be nominated and serve if elected.
  3. Send your completed Nomination Grid to your Chapter President.

The Chapter President will forward the Nomination Grid to the PSPE Nominating Committee. Not sure who your Chapter President is – contact PSPE at or 717.441.6051.

Copy and paste the grid below into the body of your email and include the required information. Email your nominations to on or before February 25, 2022.

Nomination Grid

Position Name Phone # Email
Southeast Region VP:
Northeast Region VP:
Western Region VP:
Central Region VP:
Submitted by:

General Position Overview:

  • Officers serve on the Executive Committee and Board of Direction, with Executive Committee meetings before each of the three Board meetings a year and monthly calls in between.
  • The president-elect will automatically become president the following year and serve on the Executive Committee for an additional year as Past President.
  • The secretary takes minutes at both the Executive Committee and Board meetings
  • The treasurer oversees the financial affairs, coordinating with PSPE staff.
  • The vice-presidents are the official representative of the state president in their region and shall keep themselves informed concerning the operation of the chapters within their region.  The president may assign the vice-presidents specific responsibilities.

 Questions?  Please get in touch with Rose via e-mail at or 717.441.6051.