Pa PEPP Invoice

Frequently asked questions:

Q. Why am I getting a Pa PEPP invoice separate from my NSPE dues renewal?

A. NSPE’s online billing program does not allow for electronic collection of state practice division dues. Only if you received a print copy of your invoice were you able to pay state PEPP dues.

As you can imagine, this has SERIOUSLY impacted Pa PEPP’s ability to do its work, such as awarding scholarships to undergraduate engineering students.

In order to continue these services, Pa PEPP needed to collect dues independent of NSPE.

Q. If I do not pay my Pa PEPP dues, can I still be a member of NSPE/PSPE?

A. Membership in Pa PEPP is purely voluntary, is on an annual basis, and does not affect membership in NSPE/PSPE/Chapters. (However, one cannot be a member of Pa PEPP without being a PSPE member.)

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